Exactly About A Chinese Bar, Shisha & Gorgeous, Sexy In Iraq


Exactly About A Chinese Bar, Shisha & Gorgeous, Sexy In Iraq
Upon arrival into the Kurdistan city that is southern of, Anil and I also instantly discovered ourselves giddy with joy upon discovering two Chinese restaurants within the vicinity of y our resort. The only food we’d eaten were chicken and falafel sandwiches, not because of an abnormal love for such food, but because that was all we could find in other parts of the region after all, up until that point.

In order quickly as night approached and our hunger grew, we eagerly wandered up to the bigger regarding the two Chinese restaurants we’d seen and prepared ourselves for the necessary feast of yummy Asian food.

Needless to say, had we taken a few momemts to correctly think this plan of action through, we may have paused before carefully deciding to enter this floor restaurant that is second. Truthfully, the sign out front prohibiting us from going into the establishment with any firearms or knives must have acted being an indication that is clear this is maybe maybe not your typical “lo mein-fortune cookie-free green tea” types of Chinese eatery.

And I’m perhaps not yes regarding the friendly community Chinese restaurants, nevertheless the people we frequented whenever I had been more youthful and surviving in the usa, did not need us to be completely frisked by a big, leather-based man that is jacket-clad walking through the entranceway. Fortunately, Anil and I also had both determined in the minute that is last keep our AK-47s and machetes within our accommodation and thus we both passed the protection check, after which it we wandered up to a dining dining dining table close to the windows.

And once we sat down, the very first thing that people noticed, as though this wouldn’t have taken place to us before, had been that the truly amazing Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant had been one seedy establishment. Not merely had been we the actual only real customers, but it had been inside that is eerily dark with just blinking fairy lights in the walls, which created an environment that more closely resembled a brothel within the backstreets of Mumbai (from exactly exactly what I’ve present in movies of course).

No matter our findings, we had been happy to place this sketchiness apart and focus on satisfying some Chinese food to our hunger.

However when the waitress, a new Chinese girl, approached our dining dining table, we were quite amazed to locate ourselves in the middle of a discussion that went something such as this:

Waitress: She claims one thing in Kurdish Us: We stare blankly at her

Waitress: “Kurdish? ” Us: “English? ”

Waitress: “You live here? ” Us: “No. We travel right here. ”

Waitress: “What would you like? ” Us: “Food. Can a menu is seen by us? ”

Waitress: “Food? ” ( with a look that is incredulous her face) Us: “Yes, food. ”

Waitress: “Chinese food? ” Us: “Um…yes, Chinese food. ”

Waitress: “Kurdish meals? ” Us: “Chinese meals? ”

Waitress: “Chinese meals? ” Us: “Yes, Chinese food. ”

She then strolled away and came back with a menu, although offered her response above additionally the dusty state associated with menu, it had been quite clear that this Chinese restaurant had not been precisely used to serving Chinese meals. In reality, we may perfectly have already been the very first individuals to ever request a menu.

So when we did go through the menu, the costly rates detailed close to each product finally forced us to alter our minds about sampling the area Chinese food.

Nonetheless, only at that point, we had been quite interested in our environments and desired to find out more about the thing that was happening in this joint and thus we handed the menu back again to the waitress and ordered products alternatively. We figured one beverage is reasonable before you take down once more searching for some meals.

Minimal did we understand that the alcohol try this web-site Anil ordered could be associated with “abnormally big can” variety nor that after I inquired for a “whiskey”, I became purchasing a bottle that is actualalbeit a tiny one) of this material and not only one glass. Because of this, one fast beverage switched as a 2.5 hour session once we sat here when you look at the Great Shang Hai watching the area fill up along with other guys who additionally ordered absolutely nothing but beverages. Together with entire time, Anil and I also debated forward and backward even as we attempted to add up of that which was really occurring in this place that is peculiar.

It may have quite well simply been a club, but after viewing a few of the patrons slip wads of Iraqi Dinars to the fingers of just one of the waitresses then go to beg the bartender to permit the waitress to stay at their dining dining table I began to think otherwise with them(such requests were always refused.

Here’s a quick video clip to offer you a much better concept of the fascinating restaurant that’s the Great Shang Hai:

Significantly reluctantly, after finishing our products (yes, we completed the container of whiskey and Anil finished down two beers that are large, we made a decision to keep because of the fact that individuals were now beyond hungry at this time.

As soon as our bill arrived, it absolutely was remarkably inexpensive, maybe a sign that it wasn’t a brothel or underworld hangout most likely. Often at such places (again, therefore heard that is i’ve, you can’t drink the total amount we did for a simple 10,000 Iraqi Dinars ($8.50 USD).


10 minutes after leaving the truly amazing Shang Hai, we stumbled as a restaurant called “Pizza Plus”, which we had been perhaps maybe not astonished to realize really specialized in sandwiches. Although, my eyes did almost bulge from their sockets and drool did start to drip from my lips upon noticing an assortment of fresh salads aswell.

But obviously, because this ended up being Iraq, not really a straightforward dinner of sandwiches and salad might take destination without one thing happening that is interesting. This time around it had been the person behind the countertop whom served us the foodstuff, a young kurdish other who informed us which he now lives in Norway. And upon hearing that this chap that is young in Norway, we then asked him why he had been back Kurdistan.

Their solution ended up being fast and also to the true point, although notably confusing: “I return to Kurdistan for the money and sexy, sexy! ”

Adequate stated. We sat down at our dining table and shoveled our meals into our mouths in silence.


The Shawany Maliek Cafeteria with bellies full, and the night still young, Anil and I decided to pay a visit to what appeared to be the most popular night time hangout in all of Sulaimainiyah.

We stumbled inside this crowded, two-level shisha cafe and grabbed two big, comfortable seats within the corner. And eventually, there we sat, using turns blowing smoke high into the atmosphere once we shook our minds in disbelief during the day’s events. (the afternoon began with our encounter because of the United States Marine who had been surprised by our existence in the area. )

Into the end, we sat in this cafe for more than three hours, way too content to maneuver.

I were in agreement that this day ranked quite high in terms of memorable travel days we’d each experienced when we finally walked back to the hotel just before midnight, both Anil and. And maybe that’s hard to think, it sounds like an unexciting or even dumb story when read here as I don’t know, maybe.

So if that’s the actual situation, then i suppose the next occasion you’ll just need to join me personally and experience it yourself, which you’ll have a way to do as soon as we declare, next couple of weeks, the newest task I’m working on ??

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